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To post a job or contract please go to our new jobs board page https://evaluationbc.mcjobboard.net/jobs

CES members can also visit the Canadian Evaluation Society website to view additional jobs and contracts click here.

BC Evaluation Jobs is a great resource which has a good breakdown of experience required.

Evaluation Jobs is also a useful website for posting and finding jobs. Currently mostly in the US but likely to expand beyond.

And see Evaluation Community for jobs all around the world.

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List of Current Postings

  • 30 Oct 2021 12:18 | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    We have a new Jobs Board! evaluationbc.mcjobboard.net/jobs

    You may now post and manage evaluation jobs directly. At no cost. Use your current email for this website/newsletter if you have one (do reset password if you've not logged in before). Or set up a new one.

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