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2022 CESBC Evaluation Conference #Eval2022BC

Evaluation: Access and Empowerment

Increasing the reach and impact of evaluation

October 28, 2022 ~ Vancouver Convention Centre | Sign up to the CESBC Newsletter to receive updates


After a two-year hiatus, we are excited to get back together and talk about our favorite topic, evaluation.  

This year’s conference is about Access and Empowerment. How do we increase the reach and impact of evaluation? Who has access to evaluation, and how do we empower more people to utilize evaluation in their work? How can organizations use data to collaborate effectively, internally and externally? How do we use strategies and methods that involve stakeholders and collaborators who have been systematically excluded? 

Join us as we explore these questions and more in this year’s conference.

The 2022 CESBC Evaluation Conference will take place on October 28, 2022
at the Vancouver Convention Centre, 1055 Canada Pl, Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3Google Map

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Conference Streams

Stream 1: Empowering People and Organizations to Grow Evaluation Capacity

Having a good understanding of evaluation within an organization is key to long term success. This stream focuses on the ways organizations small and large can adopt evaluation practices, such as creating evaluation frameworks and data tracking methods to continually improve and enhance their programs.

  • Internal Evaluators: What is your internal evaluation story? What successful strategies have you used and what lessons have you learned? How do you educate and involve your team members in evaluation?

  • Emerging and part-time evaluators: How can you build and grow your evaluation practice? How can you build your evaluation practice within your organization?

  • External evaluators: How can you support your clients in sustaining evaluation practices after your contract? How do you educate and involve your client in evaluation?

  • Program managers and leaders: How can you support building data infrastructures and an evaluation culture within organizations?  How do you build evaluation into the design of new programs? 

Stream 2: Access to Evaluation and the Evaluation Community: Breaking Down the Barriers

Access is about creating a fair playing field for all actors in evaluation. This stream focuses on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Evaluation and how they relate to access. 

  • What are the barriers for joining the evaluation community? How can we break them down and support new members to succeed? How can we build a more diverse and inclusive evaluation community? How can we support emerging or career-shifting evaluators? 

  • What does decolonization look like in evaluation? How can anti-racism approaches be incorporated into evaluation? 

  • How can we capture the voices of groups who are systematically excluded from evaluations?

Stream 3: Ideas, Learning, and Innovation

This stream is for sharing any ideas, tools, methods, strategies, or technologies that you have found helpful and would like to share with the evaluation community. 

  • What new and fresh perspectives do emerging and career-shifting evaluators bring to the field?

  • What new tools and methods have you tried that you like to share with the evaluation community?

  • What strategy or frameworks have you found helpful in your work?

  • What challenging evaluation question do you want to brainstorm with a diverse group of evaluators?

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