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2022 CESBC Evaluation Conference #Eval2022BC

Evaluation: Access and Empowerment

Increasing the reach and impact of evaluation

October 28, 2022 ~ Vancouver Convention Centre | Sign up to the CESBC Newsletter to receive updates

We would like to thank the conference sponsors for their contribution and for their help in making the conference more accessible.

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MNP works with government and non-government agencies on the evaluation as well as measurement of programs, services, and operations, all to inform decisions about effectiveness in achieving aims; efficiency in delivery; and relevance in meeting needs. The MNP team, from coast to coast and in Northern Canada, includes credentialed evaluators along with strategy, data analytic, research, engagement, and organizational specialists.  Added to this are our Indigenous, public sector and industry niche experts.  Taken together, you will have the confidence that MNP can bring to light the strengths, challenges and opportunities that lend to meaningful advice on design, delivery, and results.

Ference & Company is one of the largest and oldest consulting firms in Canada specializing in program evaluation studies.  We have conducted over 400 program evaluation studies on behalf of federal, provincial and municipal governments as well as non-profit organizations. The types of program evaluation assignments conducted include summative evaluations, process evaluations, interim evaluations, evaluation frameworks, developmental evaluations, operational reviews, and performance measurement strategies. We are based in Vancouver with over 10 staff that have master degrees in a variety of areas including public policy, health administration, economics and business administration. Several of our staff have a Credential Evaluator designation.

Call for Sponsors

In line with the conference's title of increasing access to evaluation, we intend to use the funds gathered through the sponsorship to provide bursaries and travel grants to students, emerging evaluators, and members of under-represented groups. Your sponsorship will improve access to the conference while providing you with exposure to the evaluation community at its gathering space. Also, Gold and Platinum sponsors get complementary conference registrations!

Call for sponsors is open until July 15th, 2022.

For more information, please review the conference sponsorship prospectus in the link below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us


Click Here to Download the Sponsorship Prospectus.

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