The B.C. ID Evaluation Community

The purpose of this community is to bring together evaluators who work in an international development setting. Members can connect online by sharing knowledge, experiences and promote work and possible collaborative opportunities between members. The community will engage online, as well as meet and promote face-to-face professional development and social networking events in British Columbia as well as with the Canadian Evaluation Society (CES) in relation to international development evaluation.

The CES is committed to protecting privacy. By requesting to join this group as a member you consent to share basic personal information on the forum with the community. For more information, please review the CES Privacy Policy here:

The forum will be member-led, and members will create some community rules for engaging on the forum, which all new members will be asked to read when they join. The Vancouver Island BC CES Coordinator will maintain and monitor the site as well as possible other volunteers from the community.

We know that there are many evaluators doing international development work in BC. If you are interested please get in touch with David Josey (, Vancouver Island Coordinator for CESBC, who will add you to the forum. Once you are logged in and assigned to the forum group you will then see the forum page which is a child of this page.

Feel free to share details about this network with your international development non-members too.

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