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2022 CESBC Evaluation Conference #Eval2022BC

Evaluation: Access and Empowerment

Increasing the reach and impact of evaluation

October 28, 2022 ~ Vancouver Convention Centre | Sign up to the CESBC Newsletter to receive updates

Call for Abstracts

This year’s presentation formats aim to encourage more participation and active engagement in small and large groups. The time variations allow greater access for various learning and presentation styles.

  • Interactive panel discussion, world cafe, workshop (60 minutes, 2+ facilitators)

    • In this format, a small group of facilitators will lead an engaging and interactive discussion, either in the form of a world cafe, interactive panel, or an educational workshop. 

  • Long presentation (30 minutes + including questions) 

    • Suitable for a deep dive into a topic or a discussion

  • Short presentation (10 minutes + 5 minutes engagement)

    • Allows for presenting and discussing a tool, method, or experience

  • Ignite presentation (5 minutes per presentation + group Q&A at the end)

    • Suitable for sharing stories and experiences and learnings, or troubleshooting, in short engaging presentations.

More details about abstract submissions will be announced soon.

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