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Bursaries and Travel Grants

Bursary applications for the 2023 CESBC conference are now open! Apply here.

Consistent with the Canadian Evaluation Society’s values, the CESBC: 

“recognizes that evaluators have a role to play in addressing systemic issues that affect people’s lives. Evaluators are in a position to influence the decisions of governments, non-governmental organizations and other key service providers whose actions affect our daily realities. CES considers it part of our mandate to support evaluators in dismantling systemic and structural oppression and is actively working towards modeling inclusion, encouraging diverse perspectives and learning new ways to acknowledge and address the struggles of historically oppressed communities.”

CESBC seeks to promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and as such, we seek to increase accessibility at our 2023 conference for under-represented and historically oppressed groups, along with those who are students or seeking to enter the evaluation field. We welcome applications for funding support from individuals in need of assistance to attend the conference. Special consideration will be given to applicants who are from any underrepresented group and those who are in any way disenfranchised, such as economically, racially, religiously, socially, geographically, or politically (e.g., refugees and asylum seekers).

The bursary program subsidizes:

  • Conference registration early bird fees (students $105, CES members $185; non-members: $245)
  • Transportation costs (up to $500, depending on the location and the financial need)
  •  Per-diem expenses such as hotel (maximum $200)

Based on your financial needs, and your location of residence you might be able to access financial support for one or more areas of subsidy identified above to a maximum of $700. Please note that CESBC has limited bursary funds and will try to assist as many applicants as possible. 

Application Deadline:

To apply, please fill out this google form

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